Monday, August 31, 2009

Which is the best search engine

So it has been over 10 years of google being part of our life. I still remember me using those rickety search engines, which when asked something gave some results that were not even close to what i was looking for. i do remember using Altavista, Lycos and of course Yahoo...

And then a few days back i was just wondering which is the best search engine .
Ah .. i got an idea... why not ask the search engine itself... well who else can beat Google... so let me ask google itself " Which is the best search engine"

Whaaaat !!! Noo.. i didnt expect that ... which is this damn Dogpile search engine.
Hey come on google... are you serious..?

ok, let me ask Yahoo... Come on yahoo.. i know you will give me the right ans(Shhh!! google i mean)...

Ahh !!! whats happening today ... Dogpile??? Never even heard of it..

Bing is the new search engine launched by Microsoft... yes... i think atleast once it microsoft can give the right ans

Its clearly not Google's day today...

Hmmm... ok lets go back to AltaVista

Ok this is the last try ...lycos

I give up ... so every one in this world believes that Dogpile is the best search engine...

But there is one ... the one... search engine that disagrees... and that is..

Whaaaat ... Oh God ..!!!
look where this search engine has ranked itself...

Come on Dogpile you are the Best :) GO FETCH !!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Its a cut-throat out there

It has been only few months when the new kid on the block Wolfram alpha appeared.It gave a complete new dimension of search... and then the over hyped-term "the decision engine" became the marketing strategy for BING.
Well it did perform well.. I used it for a week or so and then I bounced back to my google... I am a loyal consumer you see...

And then I came to know that google has something similar in mind .. giving just precise information back.. Google launched Google Squared... it gives the tabulated results of things you want to compare...

Hmmm.. interesting .. but there is lots of scope for its improvement...

With Bing trying desperately to come one-up with Google, Wolfram the decision engine and then the newbie Collecta has also come up..

Twitter came up to jitter the planet.. and so bing included Tweets too...

But what is google doing ... can they sit quietly ...

Noo.. Say Hello to Google Caffeine.. you can test it on

I am still following it.. will write more about it in next post ..